Singapore Bondage – artfully roped, beautiful, bound, sexy, tied, happily gagged, unwittingly blindfolded, innocent amateur, performance acting – simple single payment membership format. Pay once, access all, forever. Participate in private live bondage event session, one-to-one with a female bondagette, practise your rope tying skills on her, blindfold her, create short scenes and photography for personal use in a safe controlled manner, thereby fulfilling your bondage fantasies without jeopardizing your identity and privacy.


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New name for quick contact in Facebook: BDSMSingapore
Original posting name: SingaporeBondage and SGDamsel
(,, SingaporeGirlBondage, and,


No explicit contents, except suggestive implied, imaginative. Basic damsel in distress. One-time only fee for membership access that does not expire.
交费一次. 永远成员.


This blog features small sampling of original content images from our private rope art sessions and from special members event.

The philosophy imbued here is bondage art photography. Ultimately this page is for those who want to get out of the circle of visiting bondage sites, downloading and storing images, repeating the cycle yet getting no where further than a distant photo of some highly retouched model. Point “A”. Getting out from this to a higher level which is to experience in true real-life, while keeping your private regular life secure and undisclosed.


To get to Point “B”, it is via a one-time membership fee structure. Pay once, access all, forever.


For further details on membership, view the Membership tab, then send a PM in Facebook. We feature best of class, single payment membership format. Pay once, access all, forever.


A few more samples below. As an open means of communication, write to the Facebook page. Suggestions welcome.

Membership does not expire. Fees payable once only.
交费一次. 永远成员.

JP: 会員資格は失効しません。 一度支払いてアクセスしてください。
KR: 회원 자격은 만료되지 않습니다. 한 번 지불하면 액세스 할 수 있습니다.
Die Mitgliedschaft erlischt nicht. Zahlen Sie einmal, um zuzugreifen.
Medlemskab udløber ikke. Betal en gang for at få adgang.
L’adhésion n’excède pas. Payer une fois pour accéder.

$200 SGD = $149 USD



Send a message in Facebook Page for questions about joining as paid member. Join easily and safe with your own credit card or debit card (linked Visa, Mastercard etc) and Paypal for privacy. Qualify for 20% Payment Discount.

For modelling jobs, please send a PM in the Facebook Page.

Singapore Bondage Fetish sample images, models or bondagettes will maintain their privacy and in keeping in line with this, their facial profile are hidden, covered or obscured – sometimes with a mask which in turn does add to the appeal of that mysterious woman – tied, struggling, blindfolded and sometimes gagged.

More sample images and video can be found in:

Join as a private member, gain access to one-to-one rope learning and practise sessions, scene sessions, all in a safe secure environment outside the privy of “authorities and entities that do not understand the concept and psychology of bondage role play”.

As a note, there shall be no nudity involved, no direct sexual acts, no rubbish. Play it as “Eyes Wide Shut” for full privacy of identity. No direct soliciting of personal information and that includes mobile number, email, FB, bank account, address, weight, height, virginity, number of boyfriends, marital status, so on and so forth.

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